Parish Council

Representing the parish community, members of council serve as a consultative body to the Pastor by:

  • Actively seeking information from fellow parishioners to accurately represent the “voice” of the parish community.
  • Assisting the Pastor in determining priorities, promoting spiritual growth, and implementing decisions that affect the unity and mission of the parish.
  • Acting as a vehicle for dialogue and communication among the pastor, the parish staff, the various commissions and organizations, and the parish members.
  • Evaluating how various proposals from parish commissions or groups promote or do not promote the mission of our parish.
  • Working with other groups in the parish to recommend specific policies and programs.

Pastoral Council meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the parish office. Council consists of our Pastor, a permanent recording secretary (appointed by the Pastor), and 8 parishioners. (Parishioner members serve for a 3-year term)

Current council members are:

Ashley Evans
Ken Radziwon
Joy Niehaus
Rachel Sherwood
Joanne Hauser
Jerry Yox (Chair)
Luke Rothan
Matthew Jung
Joe Arnold
Jesus Ortiz

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