Communion Service

A communion service has several similarities to the Mass:

  • both are liturgical celebrations
  • both include the day's readings from Scripture
  • both include the distribution of the Eucharist

But a communion service is NOT the same as a Mass:

  • communion services are held when a priest is not available to celebrate the Mass (The service can be conducted - not "celebrated" - by a deacon or properly-trained laity.)
  • communion services generally do not include homilies (though a deacon, if present, is permitted to do so.)
  • communion services do not fulfill a Catholic's obligation for Holy Days and Sundays; only participation in the Mass addresses this obligation.

Communion Services

at St. Bartholomew are


6:15 AM


Let us return

from that Table

like lions

breathing out fire,

terrifying to the devil!

- St. John Chrysostom