What's Next?

Your next step depends on how ready you are and what you need at this point...


Still Just Thinking about It?

Then we encourage you to visit Catholics Come HomeSome of its founders and supporters recently returned to the Catholic faith and want to share their positive experiences with others. Many never left the Church, but recently grew to understand and appreciate their Catholic faith more deeply. Their website has a great deal of information that might be useful to you.

If you want to learn (or re-learn) more about Catholicism, check out some of the options under the "Grow" menu, like Catholicism 101Useful Resources, or any of the other programs/studies.


Want to Talk with Someone?

You can learn a lot on a website, but it's just not the same as talking with a person. We would be happy to meet with you just to hear you out, explain matters of faith, or help you become re-introduced to parish life. You can call the parish office at 522.3680 or email Sandy Hornbach. (Sandy is also the person to talk with if you have not received all three Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.)


Ready to Start Anew?

  • Great! Step One is Reconciliation. Makes sense, doesn't it? This beautiful sacrament frees us from the baggage that has been weighing us down and distancing us from God. It is also a means by which God pours out His grace on us. Begin again... With a clean slate. (And if this feels like a tough step, let us help you. Reconciliation done right will restore you!)
  • Step Two is the Eucharist. Attend the weekend Mass and Holy Days - at a minimum. Out of 168 hours in a week, God really isn't asking for much by asking that we come together for an hour to hear Scripture and (as Christ told us to do) celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
  • Step Three is to exercise your spirituality! Take a look at all of the options on the "Grow" and "Serve" menus. There is ample opportunity for you to keep your faith strong and active! 

At some point in your journey home, please be sure to register as a parishioner so we can get to know you and keep you informed of parish happenings.





The rains came down.

The streams rose,

and the winds blew

and beat against that house;

Yet it did not fall

because it had its foundation

on the rock.

Matthew 7:25