Santa's Shop & Boutique

Saturday, Dec 10: 10 AM - 7 PM

Sunday, Dec 11: 10 AM - 3PM (closed during Mass) 


The ever-popular Santa Shop & Boutique features a variety of items that make terrific gifts for everyone on your list! A preview of available items will be held in the vestibule and Parish Office after Masses on December 3 and 4. See the bulletin for more details.


Proceeds benefit Blessed Saints Youth Group Summer 2017 Mission Trip.



Our St. Vincent de Paul Advent Giving Tree Is Ready

Return items before December 11!


What a wonderful way to share our blessings and the joy of the Christmas season! You'll find the tree in the church lobby with various "ornaments"...


  • If you choose an ornament with a child's name on it, purchase the requested item, WRAP it, attach the ornament, and place it under the tree.

  • If you choose an ornament without a specific name (just something generic like "Boy 10-12 years"), then purchase an age-appropriate gift, do NOT wrap it, attach the ornament, and place it under the tree.

  • You'll also find that there are general ornaments for things like laundry soap and shampoo - things that cannot be purchased with food stamps.

Thank you for being part of this outreach ministry!



A Sacrament of Healing

Regional Advent Reconciliation Service

Tuesday, December 13 at 7 PM (at St. Vivian)


The "Year of Mercy" may have come to an end, but (thankfully!) God's mercy does NOT. Through this wonderful sacrament, we come to know God's love, mercy, forgiveness, and Spirit in a special way. In this season of gift-giving, accept this sacrament as the precious gift that it is.


Need a hand?

If it has been a while or you need a fresh perspective on Reconciliation, check out our parish app. The "Confession" button connects you to a How-To Guide, a terrific Examination of Conscience, and the Act of Contrition. 


You might also find it comforting to learn how a priest views this sacrament.



Solemnity of Mary

Special Mass times on the weekend of Dec 31/Jan1

in honor of this Holy Day


Learn more about this special celebration at EWTN.com, and be sure to join us for Mass:

  • Saturday, Dec 31: 5:30 PM (4:30 PM at St. Vivian)

  • Sunday, Jan 1: 11:15 AM (9:30 AM at St. Vivian)



Our FACTS Application Is Open

through January 31!


We are fortunate to have folks who have generously donated funds to support active parish families who are experiencing financial need that makes it difficult for them to cover the cost of tuition at John Paul II School.


Families who would like to apply for this additional aid may do so through our FACTS program. This is the same program that is used by the Archdiocese and John Paul II, so one application covers several potential funding sources. Learn more here. Contact Toni if you have questions.


It is imperative that you choose BOTH "St. Bartholomew" and "John Paul II Catholic School" in your list of schools. Application to the Archdiocese will happen automatically.




Special Seminary Video


A graduate student at Northern Kentucky University, Ann Herbert,

produced this very fine video history of

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West.


It is slightly over an hour long and a delightful look at this great jewel of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.





(Once you click on the image above, you'll be able to click the icon in the lower right corner of the video to make the image as large as your screen allows.)



Remembering Your Loved One


Consider having the red sanctuary candle by the

tabernacle lit "in honor of" or "in memory of" your loved

one. The suggested donation would be $5, and the candle

would burn for one week. Your loved one would be

mentioned in the bulletin and during the weekend

intentions. If you are interested, contact Joanne at the

parish office (522.3680).




Headed the Right Way?


If you've been away from Christ and/or His Church

and are ready to turn your feet

and your life back to Him,

we would love to help you

take those important steps!


For Catholics hearing the call to return...

For those who are new to Catholicism...



Mass Times 

Join us for the celebration of God's presence in  the Word and in the Eucharist.

  • Mon & Tues: 8 AM
  • Thurs & Fri: 8 AM at St. Vivian
  • Sat. Vigil: 4:30 PM at St. Vivian
  • Saturday Vigil: 5 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM at St. Vivian
  • Sunday: 11:15 AM 
  • Holy Days


Communion Service 

Mon-Fri, 6:15 AM

Eucharistic Adoration 

  • 8:30 AM - 5 PM, most Tuesdays
  • 8:30 AM  - 5 PM most Thursdays at St. Vivian


  • Saturday, 3:30 PM at St. Vivian
  • Saturday, 4:00 PM


More about the Sacraments...


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